Gabriel Jesus’ great performance in Arsenal’s win over Sevilla in the Champions League revived an old controversy in Brazil.

After the match, the player was asked whether he deserves to be a starter in the national team, since he’s having an impressive start to the season with the Gunners. That generated many negative comments on social media.

On TNT Sports, correspondent Fred Caldeira gave his opinion on Jesus’ recent form, claiming the Arsenal star deserves more respect.

“Gabriel, as a figure, as this divisor of opinions, I think that the hate on him is absolutely disproportionate,”
said TNT Sports’ Fred Caldeira.

“Even more so than those who follow European football. If I go there, stumble on the corner, the guy who only watches the World Cup, he doesn’t like Gabriel Jesus in the national team, ok, no problem. Now, who follows European football? Gabriel has more goals in the Champions League than Adriano Imperador. Gabriel is the second Brazilian with more goals in the history of the Premier League, behind only Roberto Firmino.

“He would be a starter in most of the main European football clubs. Take Manchester City, Barcelona. Liverpool I think he would be. You will count on your fingers the European football teams that Gabriel would not be or would not fight to be a starter.”

The reason Jesus doesn’t get great support in Brazil is still the 2018 World Cup, as he spent the whole tournament without scoring a single goal. The same happened in the 2022 World Cup, although he played fewer minutes in that one, and got injured in the third game.

Playing for Arsenal this season, the striker has four goals and one assist in 11 appearances. Now that Mikel Arteta announced that the player is about to be sidelined for a few weeks, it seems like he’ll have to wait a little more to get that new chance to prove himself with the national team.