There was a time when Harry Kane wouldn’t even get his name mentioned on Brazilian TV. But now, after conquering the Golden Boot of 2017, the Tottenham Hotspur star has become a big deal worldwide.

ESPN Brasil had a big story about the striker last night, with reporter João Castelo Branco having an interesting interview with him.

Brazilian football wasn’t even mentioned this time, but it was Kane who brought it up. After saying he met David Beckham as a kid, he was asked if there’s any past player who he’d like to have as a partner, and answered: “Who’s not playing anymore… I think the Brazilian Ronaldo. I think his ability, his game was incredible.

“He had everything: he had pace, power, finishing, skills, passing. I didn’t watch a lot of him growing up on TV, but I kind of watch clips on Youtube and highlights from games in the past. I’d love to play alongside him.”

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Regarding individual prizes, Kane said: “The Ballon D’Or and stuff like that is stuff you dream of as a player growing up. Yeah, that’s the aim. If i’m involved in that I’m doing something good on the pitch. That’s gotta be what I wanna do and just keep improving.”

The Tottenham star was also asked if he was better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo last year: “That’s a matter of opinion. For me, they’ve been such good players in the last 10 years or so. To even be up there and beat them is something I’m proud of. For me it’s about doing that every year, not just beating them, but trying to win as many trophies as they’ve won.”

Tottenham didn’t allow questions about transfers, but when speaking of the club’s form and future, Kane gave a hint that he expects to be there next season: “We can’t get too down about the season has been so far. We’re still in the Champions League, in the FA Cup, we still gotta focus on that. Then look forward to the next year in the new stadium.”