It may not be Easter yet, but there was quite a party for Jesus’ return this Sunday.

Sidelined with a knee injury for a couple of months, the Manchester City striker made his comeback against Arsenal in the Carabao Cup yesterday, where he won his first trophy for the Sky Blues.

Gabriel Jesus played only 13 minutes and couldn’t help much in Manchester City’s 3-0 win, but was still pretty excited for his first title. Speaking to ESPN Brasil after the game, he said: “Great happiness. Happiness to wear this shirt, win the title, I hope it will be the first of many.

“Who doesn’t like to win a title, right? All players like it. So I do everything for my team helping my teammates to win titles. I could not contribute much to this one, but I hope to contribute to others.”

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Also asked about his injury, the Brazilian has revealed that he could have returned sooner, but chose to make the full recovery so he wouldn’t take any risks of making things worse.

“An important day. A day I come back from a long, hard time, but I focused on recovery, on treatment, so that I could come back complete. Not as fast as possible, but as best as possible. So I think I’m good again and hope to help my team until the end of the season.

“I focused on recovery, treatment, every day, day and night. So that I could come back as well as possible, not as soon as possible. If it was the fastest way, I think I would have come back a little before, one, two weeks. But it was not the idea as it was a serious injury. So I put it in my head that I need to be well. So I focused a lot so that I could come back well, and now it’s about taking care. Of course we go to the pitch and don’t know what’s going to happen, but all care is important.”

The player’s return is also very important for the national team’s next friendlies. With Roberto Firmino having an amazing season, Brazil are finally not short of strikers, and there should be a pretty good fight for that spot until the World Cup.