We all know how the transfer market works, and despite the months of links between Everton and Everton Cebolinha, it wasn’t a surprise that the Toffees never made an official bid for the Brazilian.

What was really surprising was the player confirming that Carlo Ancelotti has personally called him, and saying he could learn a lot from the manager.

Everton started the season pretty well at Grêmio, scoring three goals in three games so far. That’s why he continues to be the main subject in press conferences, especially when it’s the club board who are speaking.

President Romildo Bolzan spoke to the local media after last night’s match, and despite ‘celebrating’ that Everton will stay with them for a few more months, he admitted the star may leave in the European summer window.

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The president has confirmed Carlo Ancelotti’s call, and has thanked God a few times for not delivering the Toffees’ bid.

“This happened, but by the time he revealed it, it’s possible to say that we were expecting something to happen or not. Shall we agree? Thank God it didn’t happen,” he said (via Globo Esporte).

“But we know that this is a fatality, a matter of time, because playing this football he plays, the quality he has, it will be impossible for him to stay with us for the rest of his career. One day it will be his turn.

“Thanks to God that until the present moment he continues with us and I hope that he continues in that first semester doing exactly what he did today there. Playing football that fills your eyes.”