It appears that Richarlison has made headlines in Brazil once again, although this time it wasn’t for the right reasons.

The Everton star was called up by his country for the current international break, but received some criticism from journalist Marcio Spimpolo, who believes someone else should be given the number 10 shirt.

Richarlison didn’t really like that comment, so he sent the journalist a direct message on Instagram, calling him a sucker, but Spimpolo took a screenshot of it and shared it to the world.

Below that, he wrote a very long message to the footballer, relayed by UOL: “You could politely disagree with me. This is healthy and everyone grows. But look at the level. It’s the mi mi mi generation. They think they play a lot, but they don’t. Some are there and don’t even know why, because they don’t have a ball for that.

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“Using the 10 of Brazil is the picture of our football. Too poor. You can be nice, dedicated and nice, but the 10 is for the guy above average, something you are not. And, with all due respect, we make a great selection and without you, man. Criticism makes people great. Those who think they are untouchable are getting nowhere, my dear”.

In essence, Spimpolo thinks the number 10 shirt should go to someone other than the Everton star, looking back at those who wore it before him, and the response, which some might call rash and childish, wasn’t one someone in that position should be sending.

Richarlison then further commented that he ‘honoured the shirt, was champion and top scorer’, referring to the recent Tokyo Olympics.

More screenshots of their conversation were then shared, and it appears the two patched up their differences.