Ayoze Perez is continually linked with a move back to Spain, and the club most often pushed forward is Real Betis.

Estadio Deportivo, a sport newspaper covering the Sevilla area, have again decided to talk up the potential transfer.

Firstly, they praise the player. Betis are ‘very attentive’ to Perez because he ‘fits perfectly’ with the club’s plans. At 25 years of age, it’s believed the footballer is reaching his peak and that step forward ‘guarantees 20 goals a season’.

Perez’s versatility in attack is another big tick and Betis manager Quique Setién is also said to value the Newcastle player’s ‘strength and quality’.

This has all been gone over repeatedly and the problem for Betis remains the same… how do they get him from Newcastle?

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The first plan of action would be to find out if Perez really wants the move. Then, if he does, Betis would use the will of the player to pressure Newcastle and try to find a fee.

It all sounds very optimistic. Perez has a contract until 2021, he’ll be on reasonably good wages, and there’s simply no way Newcastle would sell at a price Betis would find reasonable.

Despite all of that, the claims are likely to continue.