It’s no secret Sporting aren’t having a great season. Currently 4th place in Liga NOS, they’ve been fighting to keep that spot and not lose the chance to play in the Europa League next season.

That should be upsetting enough for club fans, but things got worse once the Lions sold their captain and best player Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United in January.

Sporting held the player until the last weekend of the transfer window, and finally got €55m (guaranteed) with the sale. However, they haven’t used that money to reinforce the team.

That’s why a group of fan members in ‘Dar Vida ao Sporting’ are pretty angry at the management, and are willing to hold a general meeting trying to bring down president Frederico Varandas.

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Speaking to Radio Renascença’s Bola Branca on Tuesday, the group’s spokesperson Antonio Delgado has talked about the issue (via Bancada).

“The market closed normally and this board didn’t use the rest of the funds they had to buy more assets, they only come to devalue the squad. We believe that this is an irreversible process and that there is no turning back. The greatest proof of this is the disunity around the club, not only between members and management, but also within the club.”

Sporting’s board are to decide tonight if there will be a general meeting or not.

Meanwhile, Manchester United fans are just happy they’ve finally got Bruno Fernandes.