Manchester United midfielder Fred has been interviewed by Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo this Thursday.

Reporters Fred Caldeira has been releasing parts of the conversation on Twitter, and it’s not clear if it’s the same quotes which are going on air on TV later today.

Fred has spoken a lot about the reasons he’s been struggling at the club, starting with his adaptation following the move from Shakhtar Donetsk last summer. He claims it should all be better this season.

“My year was very difficult with the adaptation process,” Fred told Esporte Interativo. “Coming from a league not as strong as the Premier League. And it turns out you have to adapt as quickly as possible, it was a little difficult.

“But now I think I’ve adapted well, I’m feeling much better. Technically I’m fine. A positive energy, you know? So I am sure this season will be very good for me, I hope it will be for Manchester United too.”

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Fred was also asked about Manchester United fans having not seen the best of him yet. And he claims he needs a big sequence of games to show it.

“I think a good sequence of games too, so I can show my best football. Still, of course in that process of game rhythm, game sequence. But surely when I have a rhythm of play the fans can expect that delivery, that will on the pitch. To do everything I can to win because this United shirt weighs heavily.”

The Brazilian has spoken a lot about the size of the club and the pressure they’ve been under. Fred says he likes to know about Manchester United’s history, and hopes the current squad can soon fight for bigger things.

“We know the history of the club, who was the best player, who was the biggest idol, the biggest titles of the club. I’m interested in that, because not only on the pitch but off the pitch, it helps a lot.

“When I to training, there’s a Manchester United sign of that size. I say ‘hey, I’m one more day here at Manchester United’s training centre’.

“So I see day by day that the club is giant. We are going through a not so good phase, with our rivals looking for titles and all. And we didn’t even qualify for the Champions League this year. It makes us sad, it makes the fans sad. But let’s keep working to improve. Because this club deserves titles, deserves to reach the Champions League final, because the greatness of this club is too much.”