The big question in the Argentine media doesn’t seems to be if Julian Alvarez will leave River Plate next year, but for how much will he move from the Buenos Aires side.

Linked to several European clubs, including Aston Villa, the striker is going through a contract renewal process which could define how much he’ll be worth in the coming transfer windows.

Today we see an update from outlet El Intransigente, who says River Plate are making an offer which could finally convince Alvarez to extend his deal until December 2024.

It’s said that one of the demands made by the player and his agent would be not to raise his current US$25m release clause, and that’s exactly what the club would accept to do, despite one small change.

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River Plate would keep the clause at US$25m and change it to US$30m on the last ten business days of every transfer window, which is great news for Aston Vila.

That action, however, doesn’t please their fans, who wanted the price to go up so they could feel more protected about their biggest star’s potential exit.

El Intransigente points out that Bayer Leverkusen, Milan, Ajax, Aston Villa and Real Madrid are some of the clubs who’ve been interested in Alvarez.

With that big competition, River Plate expect to make as much money as possible, but it remains to be seen whether Villa Park will be his next destination.