If you want to find positive claims about Jorginho to Manchester City in Italy then you’ll be able to find a selection. And if you want to find negative slants on it, that’s available too.

A couple of days ago we covered claims from Campania regional newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno which stated the Premier League champions have now made a €45m offer to Napoli for the Italian international.

On Monday, Corriere dello Sport explain Napoli’s asking price is €60m, so therefore €45m wouldn’t be acceptable, but it very much sounds like Napoli are gearing up for a possible sale and targeting replacements.

Rai Sport, via AreaNapoli, reiterate the €45m offer and say it’s been rejected, which is inline with the Corriere dello Sport claims and may actually come directly from them.

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Manchester City’s issue here, or one of them, is all the change at Napoli right now, with Carlo Ancelotti being appointed as manager with Maurizio Sarri still employed by the club.

With a worry of several big exits, the Italian club won’t want to be seen to be losing stars without replacing them.