Tuesday’s edition of Chilean newspaper La Tercera had an article on how uncomfortable it would be for Claudio Bravo to face up against Ederson.

Chile were on the verge of a crucial World Cup qualifier against Brazil, and Bravo wouldbe  up against Ederson, who took his Manchester City place after Pep Guardiola decided a year was enough as first choice for the older goalkeeper.

La Tercera pointed out that these occasions hadn’t gone well for Bravo in the past. When at Barcelona and in a battle with Marc Andre Ter Stegen, Bravo lost out against the German internationally, and then against the same player when appearing for Manchester City.

Tuesday evening followed the pattern and Chile lost 3-0, Ederson kept a clean-sheet and Gabriel Jesus scored two.

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With Chile eliminated from the World Cup, Bravo has brought his own future into doubt, considering retirement from the international game.

La Tercera quote the Manchester City back-up as saying: “I’m going to take a moment to think, seeing that this four more years has tremendous wear. Things are decided calmly, I have to talk to important people and be calm.”

Bravo’s wife Carla Prado also had something to say, seemingly suggesting some of the goalkeeper’s teammates don’t share his professionalism: “Thank you, Captain America, for all that you have experienced. It was really beautiful. But when they put on the shirt it has to be with professionalism. I know that most of them busted their asses, while others left parties and even didn’t train from the drunkenness they had.”

The Manchester City player didn’t want to elaborate much on his wife’s comments, but did say: “Those things are spoken about internally. Those here know their responsibility. We are big people and everyone takes responsibility for things.”