Saturday’s edition of Nordwest Zeitung painted a quite miserable picture for Leeds United goalkeeper Felix Wiedwald.

His replacement at Werder Bremen, Jiri Pavlenka, had found his feet and was doing well after early hiccups, and Wiedwald found himself on the Leeds bench, watching Lonergan.

It was all seen as quite some fall for the German.

But things can change very quickly indeed, and on Monday Wiedwald popped up around the European media for a collection of much more positive things.

Finally back in Leeds’ first team on Saturday afternoon, Wiedwald helped his club to a victory. As part of that, he had to contend with the sun getting in his eyes, and borrowed a baseball cap from a Leeds supporter.

That alone has caught the imagination of some in Europe, with France’s L’Equipe covering it on their back page.

Der Westen in Germany call it the ‘crazy weekend’ of Wiedwald and point out that as well as being recalled, winning the match, and borrowing a cap from a fan… Felix also became a father to a little girl.

Weser Kurier, who still seem a little upset Wiedwald had to leave for Leeds, cover the same busy few days for Werder Bremen’s ‘homegrown’ stopper.

What a difference a few days can make.