Chelsea are working to appoint Thomas Tuchel as their new manager, according to claims coming from Germany on Wednesday morning.

SportBild, a twice weekly football magazine, and also an online presence, sound very confident in their scoop and say Tuchel is all set up to become the new coach at Stamford Bridge if Chelsea get their way.

Chelsea have come to the end of their patience with Conte, it’s explained, and would be looking to hire a replacement.

Tuchel left his post at Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season, and after a long family holiday, SportBild explain he’s now ready to start work again.

The manager probably thought he needed a long rest after tensions at Dortmund led to his BVB exit. It was claimed repeatedly in Germany that Tuchel had fallen out with pretty much everyone at Dortmund, apart from a section of young players.

SportBild say Conte momentarily ‘pulled his head out of the loop’ with victory over Tottenham at the weekend, but his tenure is still doomed.

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Roman Abramovich and Marina Granovskaia are said to have a very short fuse with Conte right now, suggesting anything could prompt an immediate exit, and SportBild add: ‘Granovskaia, who is considered to be the most powerful woman in world football, has apparently already been informed about Tuchel in detail and has decided on him as a new Chelsea coach.’

That’s almost certainly overplaying what Granovskaia would decide, with such decisions likely being made by Abramovich. Luis Enrique was an option, but the German magazine say his lack of English would be a problem, which may be news to Enrique himself.

SportBild claim: ‘The relationship between the hard lady and the stubborn coach is more than tense. From England it can be seen that Conte has no more direct line to his boss. She wants Tuchel. The Russian doesn’t mind the fact that it isn’t easy. She is not looking for a buddy for joint pub visits, but a new successful trainer. Tuchel would be interested.’

Repeatedly in Chelsea gossip stories, Granovskaia is positioned in a way which is slightly uncomfortable. It’s constantly pointed out she’s female, in case everyone forgets, and the fact she’s female leads a section of the club’s support to unleash their frustrations, which likely have little to do with Chelsea, on social media.

That’s to be expected, but sometimes there can be suspicion that a similar sentiment creeps into the professional reporting of Granovskaia and her Chelsea role.

For SportBild to know Tuchel is interested would suggest he or his camp have been contacted, which could be where this all comes from.