Javier Hernandez has been repeatedly linked with a move back to the Premier League ever since he left it. The former Manchester United forward made a great name for himself in England as a player who could come on and turn a game.

Now with Bayer Leverkusen, Hernandez hasn’t managed to impress as much as in his first Bundesliga season, but that’s been put down to personal issues, his girlfriend was ill, and the Mexican is all set to shine again.

Germany’s Kicker says that Chelsea and PSG are interested in the 28 year old, and that would make sense for both clubs. On the pitch, Chelsea could use Hernandez’s experience of coming on late in matches and scoring crucial goals to achieve a Premier League title.

Off the pitch, Hernandez and Chelsea would be a marketing dream in Mexico. Chelsea are already huge in South America, adding Central America wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Kicker say that the reported possible fee of €25m isn’t to Rudi Voller’s pleasing. The Bayer Leverkusen general manager believes it would have been a big fee five years ago, but things change and now it’s not a huge amount.

If Antonio Conte wants Hernandez then, as far as Voller is concerned, the club would have to add more €s to the reported €25m fee.