Borussia Dortmund feel they’ve pulled off a great deal by signing Jordan Sancho from Manchester City. With around €8m being sent from Dortmund to the Etihad for the 17 year old, it’s a big investment on such a young player.

Sancho hasn’t yet had the chance to prove himself at senior level, but will probably be expecting chances this season with BVB, hence jumping at the move.

The German media are understandably excited too. Bundesliga clubs snatching young talents from sides like Manchester City isn’t usually the done thing, with it happening more often in reverse.

But Sancho had clearly had enough of Manchester City life, for whatever reason, and knew he’d have options. SportBild say Sancho is full of self confidence, and is well aware of his ‘market value’.

SportBild explain he was more of a ‘superstar’ in England than a young talent, and it’s stated that at Manchester City Sancho was known as ‘Mini Ronaldo’.

No pressure then.