Watford star Gerard Deulofeu had a two-page interview featured in Saturday’s edition of Spanish newspaper AS.

The player recalled his entire career, from his start at Barcelona, to his time at Everton, Milan and finally the Hornets.

Deulofeu was quickly asked if he’s having the best time of his career at the Vicarage Road, and the player couldn’t disagree with it.

“Yes, yes. For sure, one of the best,” Deulofeu told AS. “The statistics say it, but the game also says it, and everything that I contribute to the team. I remember a season at Milan that was also very good, but it’s true, I’m finding it great.

“It has been a long way, it hasn’t been easy. I spent the preseason injured, without playing a game, and also eight league games without participating. I started to earn a place in October, after a lot of work because the fifth metatarsal injury is very complicated.

“It has taken a while to adapt to being a striker and above all to the characteristics of Watford, a team that plays very directly. I must take advantage of the second balls, rebounds, like the second goal I scored the other day, long balls…”

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Regarding the adaptation to the Premier League, Deulofeu recalled his time at Everton. He says he had no problems when playing under Roberto Martinez, but things weren’t very good when Ronald Koeman was in charge.

“The time at Everton with Roberto Martinez I consider it good, because I was very young, I learned and played a lot, and with Roberto Martínez most of the days I was happy. We had a good game.

“But in Koeman’s time I didn’t play and in the end I didn’t even get called up. I am an ambitious player and I can’t be on the bench. So I decided to go on loan to Milan where I recovered happiness, confidence, good play. When I am organised, in confidence, in a team where I am given freedom… both in the game and in the results you can see that I contribute a lot to the team.”

Deulofeu has also talked a little about his time at Barcelona, but claims that he doesn’t really like thinking of the past.

“It was a beautiful time, because I spent many years there, but also complicated because I was very young, you went to the Camp Nou and… they are stages that you have to share with Ballon d’Ors, with the best players in the world, and when you are so young it’s a little difficult. You need a little confidence, and the only one who explained something to me was Guardiola. Many things are needed to succeed there. It couldn’t be and it stays that way. You can’t live from the past. If you live from the past you are dead.”

After playing for Everton, Milan and Watford since leaving Barcelona the first time, Deulofeu is again being linked with a summer transfer.

Staying where he is, at least for another season, may not be a bad idea.