Over the course of Wednesday morning, we noticed that a few articles were popping up about Milan making a move for soon-to-be out of contract Aaron Ramsey.

The Welshman was told by Arsenal they would not be renewing his current deal after talks fell through, and he is now expected to leave the club on a free in the summer (or in January if the Gunners wish to make some money off him).

Among the many clubs linked have been Milan, but despite a lot of words being written about it, we’re yet to see anything concrete.

Wednesday’s article in Corriere dello Sport looked promising at first, but if you delve a little deeper into it, it’s a lot of maybes and nothing of actual interest.

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We’ll translate what they write word for word, and you can see for yourself.

They state: “The other profile that could interest Milan is that of Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, who is also running out of contract. The 27-year-old could be the first gift from Gazidis, who up until a few weeks ago was in charge of the Gunners’ transfers.

“In England, they think that the Welshman could move to Milan and follow Gazidis in this new stimulating adventure in Italy, and bring experience and quality to the squad”.

As you can see, there’s a lot of coulds, and not a lot of wills, meaning it’s still all pure speculation, and Ramsey to Milan isn’t quite as advanced as certain articles will let you believe.