Last week, right after Gabriel Jesus was said to have reached an agreement Manchester City, the Brazilian media claimed that Manchester United had approached the player and promised to make an official bid.

However, at least according to Lance, this bid never happened.

They say Manchester United have indeed talked to Gabriel Jesus’ agents and tried to persuade him by offering much bigger wages than Manchester City.

However, the United officials were told that City’s talks were so advanced that they felt discouraged to make the bid.

Lance claims that a deal only can’t be given as certain because it’s not signed yet, but the agreement between the parties is making it very difficult for any other side who wants to join the competition.

There’s a legal battle going on in Brazil, where Palmeiras are trying to take the share of Gabriel’s former agent Fabio Caran, who owns 22.5% of the player.

They are suing him because of an allegedly illegal transfer of the player’s rights to the agent’s wife’s company, which is basically Palmeiras looking for a breach to get more money.

The club also wants Gabriel and his agent Cristiano Simões to give them a part of their share, since both of them could recover this money by asking City to pay a bigger signing bonus.

But this mess shouldn’t spoil City’s deal, since the English club will pay for 100% of the player and then all the partiess can fight however they want to share the money.

With a clear run now, City’s signing has never been so close.