Angelino may not have yet been presented as a Manchester City player, for the second time around, but his move to the Premier League champions is considered done.

Over a week ago we covered reports from the player’s native Galicia that City would be activating their buyback clause. Angelino is available to the English club for €12m, a clause which was agreed when they sold him to PSV.

At fist the deal, which is seen as unfortunate for the Eindhoven club, wasn’t considered quite as done in the Netherlands, but within a day or so all the Dutch media admitted it was happening.

An announcement seemed imminent, yet nothing has happened since.

In Friday’s edition of De Telegraaf, several transfers are covered and it’s stated as fact that Angelino ‘has left’ for Manchester City and isn’t expected at training.

Eindhoven Dagblad use the same words, reporting the player ‘has left’ for Pep Guardiola’s side.