Although Everton’s chase for the Benfica winger André Carrillo has gone quiet in the past few weeks, there’s apparently another Premier League club who are interested in the player.

Peruvian website Libero claims that Fulham have joined the race for the winger, and are now offering him an attractive salary to join them.

According to the outlet, the Craven Cottage side are offering the player twice what he earns at Benfica. They mention the amount of US$4.5m, but don’t make it clear if that’s what he already makes or if it’s Fulham’s offer.

Libero’s story is actually divided between two players, Carrillo and Cristian Cueva, which leaves the article with a lack of details on both cases. They don’t say if Fulham are bidding for a loan deal or a permanent transfer.

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As the Portuguese press still haven’t learned anything about this Fulham interest, we wait and see how this story will develop in the next few days. A sure thing is that Benfica are not that keen on keeping Carrillo in the squad, and if a good offer is made, they will let him go.