Never tired of speaking to the Brazilian media, Lucas Moura has given another interview, this time speaking to journalist André Hernan.

Since the Tottenham Hotspur star travelled to Brazil for his holidays, there’s been a big campaign from São Paulo fans for his former club to bring him back as soon as possible.

It’s obviously quite hard for a South American side to sign a player from a Premier League club, unless the English side really don’t count on him.

So speaking to Hernan, Lucas once again made it clear that he’d like to return to São Paulo one day. But for now, he explained that his desire is to stay at Tottenham until the end of his contract, and then move for free as soon as he can.

“The idea is to fulfil the contract. It has one more year, with the option of one more, on the part of the club. So at the end of this season now, if the club wants to extend another year, they have that option,” Lucas Moura told André Hernan.

“But my idea is this. Finalising the contract, playing in the Champions League, we haven’t played the Champions League for two years, and now it could be, perhaps, my last Champions League there at Tottenham. So then the idea is to stay there, fulfil the contract, then be free, then decide where I’m going.”

At the end of the interview, André Hernan started reading some questions from viewers, and one of them was regarding the chance of São Paulo signing Moura on loan from Tottenham. The player, however, claimed this possibility is unlikely.

“Man, that would be a very big possibility. Very strong. But I find it difficult, I find the loan issue difficult, because, as I said, in a year I will be free. So it wouldn’t make sense for them to loan me so I could go free, you know? Knowing also that they can count on me in a Champions League year. I don’t know. So it will depend on Tottenham. Now it’s much more up to Tottenham than to me. But I find the possibility of a loan difficult.”