Even the Chilean press have had enough. La Tercera start an article today with: ‘Chapter 4.825 of a series that becomes tedious: where will Alexis Sanchez play?’

If it’s up to Rodrigo Sepulveda, a journalist with the Chilean newspaper, it’ll be Manchester United.

In an open letter to the Arsenal player, Sepulveda urges him to sign for Jose Mourinho, explaining why it’s the right choice to make right now.

La Tercera title the article ‘Alexis, go with Mou’, and Sepulveda explains: ‘Leave the passivity and seek the madness. Get out of Wenger’s mind and go for genius. Leave the “professor”, the “economist”, and go for originality. You already went through Pep, he already directed you, now there’s dreams of Jose’s revolution.

‘The Special One can transform you. Superb, presumptuous, insolent, but a tremendous coach. Alexis, go ahead and win.’

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The Chilean journalist watched Manchester United’s 3-0 victory over Stoke City on Monday and imagined where Sanchez would fit in, clearly excited by the possibilities on offer for the national hero.

Sepulveda insists Sanchez shouldn’t decide his next destination on money alone, and put forward a strong case for Manchester United: ‘You have Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City at your feet. All huge powers and celebrated worldwide. Where should you go? If I were your advisor, I would say: go to United and choose the number 7 shirt. That number that’s been so successful for the Red Devils: Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, George Best and Bryan Robson. They’re second in the Premier League, one of the largest teams in the history of world football. 

‘City is powerful economically today, but the legend is United.’

Rodrigo Sepulveda should be popular among Manchester United fans, then.