Liverpool didn’t have a good night in Naples.

Jurgen Klopp’s men fell to a defeat thanks to a late goal from Lorenzo Insigne, but it wasn’t more than the home team deserved.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men put in a good performance and Liverpool’s most dangerous players couldn’t get involved enough in the Champions League match.

Napoli’s performance came as a surprise to those in charge at Liverpool, according to Enzo Rosano, who says he’s a friend of Liverpool CEO Peter Moore.

Speaking to CalcioNapoli24, and pictured with Moore, Rosano explained: “The leaders of Liverpool, and president Moore, were amazed and surprised by the performance of Napoli.

“They did not expect the final result and so return home with a little regret, but with the belief that they can progress.”

It wasn’t only on the pitch matters which left a bad feeling, Rosano has explained that Napoli chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis didn’t show up at the traditional pre-match lunch: “We had breakfast at Vesuvius, and their faces were dark, including that of Klopp and his staff, and they were also disappointed president De Laurentiis didn’t go to the UEFA lunch.”

Conditions for travelling fans also caused some surprise: “They are used to five star Anfield, so let’s say that seeing fans caged in the away sector was not nice to see.”

It probably wasn’t such a bad thing that De Laurentiis didn’t show up, he’s got a reputation in Italy as being larger than life, and not always in a good way.