L’Equipe won’t let it go. On Friday the French newspaper have reiterated that Crystal Palace made a late off for Claudio Ranieri, which he must have snubbed to sign his Nantes contract.

As we explained on Thursday, things weren’t making a great deal of sense. Earlier the same French newspaper claimed Ranieri was delaying becoming Nantes manager simply because he was waiting, and hoping, for a Crystal Palace offer.

Then, readers are led to believe, that offer arrived, but Ranieri turned it down and became Nantes manager anyway.

L’Equipe: ‘Then an offer from Crystal Palace to replace Sam Allardyce seemed to sow doubt before finalising the contract.’

Maybe Palace were simply too late for Ranieri, and the Italian felt it would be wrong to drop Nantes at such a late stage. Nantes are paying Ranieri €300k a month, after tax, and are taking on at least five other members of staff in Ranieri’s entourage.

Perhaps Crystal Palace wouldn’t match it, or, finally, there’s the possibility the looming Eagles offer pressed Nantes to up their own offer a little.