Yohan Lachor may not be a name familiar to Newcastle United and Southampton fans, but things could have been very different.

The French midfielder very nearly moved his career to England but circumstance stopped a transfer which seemed all lined up. In an interview with L’Equipe, Lachor was asked to reveal a transfer that never happened.

That brought the now 42 year old around to Newcastle and Southampton: “In 2006, I am at the end of the contract in June and, in January, my agent tells me that Newcastle is very interested, that it is almost put together. I have to go for three days of testing for fitness. Everything is going well, I’m doing good training and the coach (Graeme Souness) tells me: “We’ll take you. We play tomorrow and we sign after.” But Newcastle loses and the coach gets fired. 

“So, I do not sign. Southampton is calling me because their coach was a friend of Souness. I’m going to give it a try, it’s going really well too and I’m being offered six months of contract before, maybe, another contract in the off-season. The dilemma of leaving arises and I finally decided not to go because I was afraid to go for six months and told myself that if it did not go well, I would disappear.”

George Burley was in charge at Southampton at the time, but obviously the move wasn’t tempting enough for Lachor. The footballer went on to sign for French club Sedan, before then moving to Boulogne.

Asked his biggest career regret by L’Equipe, Lachor didn’t pick the failed moves to Newcastle and Southampton, instead saying he should have stayed at boyhood club Lens.