Clinton Njie L'Equipe July 19thFrench newspaper L’Equipe have a huge feature on Marseille in their Tuesday edition. The club grab the front page and the next three, and nestled in an article on page 4 is news that Clinton Njie doesn’t want to join the club.

The Tottenham player had been strongly linked with a Marseille move this week, but has decided against the change, wanting to give it another season at Spurs before throwing the towel in.

He must be pretty determined. L’Equipe say Njie’s wages wouldn’t have been too much of an issue for Marseille, meaning he can’t be paid a lot (relatively, of course), and Tottenham have even tried to convince the 22 year old to go.

L’Equipe explain that Mauricio Pochettino and Paul Mitchell spoke with Njie on Monday and explained he’d likely have fewer chances over the next season, that there’d be increased competition.

But no, Njie is clinging on to his Tottenham dream.

Interestingly, L’Equipe say Franco Baldini has been involved. The former Spurs man turned down a role at Marseille, but is happy to advise them and had pushed for the Njie switch.

Marseille haven’t given up on Njie, so this one could turn on its head yet.