As a scout, when hired by a club, your role is to find players around Europe that could benefit the team you are contracted to, not suggest targets for your direct rivals.

Unfortunately for Watford fans, that’s exactly what Romain Poirot, recently plucked from Manchester City, did in an interview with Olympique et Lyonnais on Monday, giving Sean Dyche a few tips for the upcoming transfer window.

Asked about players at Lyon who could do a job for some teams in England, the French scout listed a few, before finishing with Mariano, who was bought from Real Madrid in the summer for just over £7m.

On the Dominican Republic international, he said: “A player like Mariano Diaz would suit a team like Burnley really well. He works a lot. He presses. That’s the kind of player who is of great interest in England”.

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Not only does he do all those things, but the 24-year-old is also an accomplished goalscorer, something Burnley could really do with, as Chris Wood is currently their top scorer in the league with just seven goals.

In comparison, Mariano Diaz has scored 16 in 29 games for Lyon this season, as well as helping out his teammates with five assists.

Perhaps Watford should take a look at him.

In fact, Poirot should probably recommend him to the Hornets.