Morgan Schneiderlin looks pretty certain to leave Manchester United during the current transfer window, and over the past few days it’s become clear Everton are the player’s favoured destination.

That’s something reiterated by French newspaper L’Equipe on Friday, with it being stated Schneiderlin has a ‘preference’ to join Ronald Koeman’s Everton over signing for Tony Pulis at West Brom.

The problem is that right now the highest bidder is said to be West Brom, but at €21m, that doesn’t satisfy Manchester United. If Everton want Schneiderlin as much as has been reported then it shouldn’t be too difficult a deal to do given the Merseyside club’s will to progress both on and off the pitch.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 08.48.56L’Equipe state that the ‘next few hours’ could be crucial in the potential deal. If Everton are going to buy Schneiderlin then they may as well do it early in the window so Koeman can use him. If the Toffees aren’t prepared to put a good bid in, then the West Brom route becomes stronger.

So, Schneiderlin wants Everton, they seem to want him, but it’s West Brom who have offered the most.