How big a story would Manchester United making an offer for Nabil Fekir be for a Lyon audience? Pretty big, right?

That’s why it’s strange that Le Progres tuck their claim in an article about other things.

Even if Lyon fans weren’t too fussed what happens with the France international, which clearly isn’t the case, it would be thought that Manchester United pushing ahead of Liverpool, or trying to, would be worthy of its own story.

In an article about Tanguy Ndombele and how much the Lyon youngster is wanted, Le Progres say all of Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City, AS Roma, and Arsenal are keen on the midfielder.

Then someone close to the failed Liverpool deal for Fekir is quoted explaining the Merseyside club wanted to reduce the price by €5m, using the old knee injury as some kind of excuse.

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And that’s when Manchester United come in, Le Progres state: ‘For Nabil, offers are not lacking. The latest comes from Manchester United.’

And that’s it.

The French media outlet seen incredibly nonchalant about such a big claim. Surely it’s a bigger story than Ndombele being much wanted, which was already known anyway.

We’ll try to find out some more, but if that’s it, just a line tucked away in an article about another player, then it’s a little odd.