Hector Bellerin has been offered to Paris Saint Germain, report RMC on Monday evening.

PSG had their collective heart broken on Sunday, as Bayern Munich beat them 1-0 in the Champions League final. It will have stung even more than usual, given it was Kingsley Coman, who had been in the French club’s youth ranks, who scored the winning goal.

Still, it’s been progress from the Ligue 1 side, and they had the title they want more than any other within touching distance. That will just give them more motivation to go a step further over the next few years.

Such a project would be exciting to be part of, and Arsenal’s Bellerin may fancy it. RMC say the Spaniard has been offered to PSG for a transfer this summer.

They believe the 25 year old is likely to leave the Gunners before the window closes, but they don’t make it clear who has been doing the offering.

PSG are reflecting on the situation, and would have concerns about the player’s injury record in recent seasons.