Regular readers here at SportWitness will know that Manchester City have made themselves experts in procuring young talent from around the world.

City, or specifically the City Group, are often liked to young, rising stars the world over as they look to get ahead of the competition for their signatures.

Most of these young players will never see the Etihad, nor do they have any chance of making it at Manchester City and are more likely to spend their careers at the ever-expanding list of clubs in the portfolio.

Nonetheless, the players, like everyone else, have dreams and for many, that is someday turning out for the Premier League champions.

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Nathanael Guzmán is one such player. He recently made a move from Cañuelas to Montevideo City Torque, also known as the Manchester City of Uruguay.

It was a big leap for the youngster, and now he’s part of the group, wants to take advantage of the opportunity.

“The club, Montevideo City Torque, is associated with eight more clubs, one of them is Manchester City,” he told Mundo D.

“It is very orderly; it is the Manchester City of Uruguay, that is how it is known here. It has everything a first-class club needs.

“I never thought that a club could have these things and I don’t want to imagine what Manchester City must be, which is where I aim to be.

“I want to take that leap. Hopefully, God wants to be able to get to Manchester; it is my great dream.”

“Hopefully I can hit that jump to Europe, it’s what I want most in this life. Now I am involved here, with the support of my people fighting for my dream.”