Liverpool star Diogo Jota spoke today to Portuguese outlet RTP.

The only clip from the interview they’ve released sees the winger talking about his ambition to win the Champions League.

Diogo Jota reckons he’ll now have a bigger chance of lifting the trophy with the Reds, as they’re the strongest team he’s played for in the competition.

“I’ve always had this dream since I was a child. And although I had already participated in the competition with FC Porto, you never have the same ambitions that a club like Liverpool have in the competition, obviously,” Diogo Jota told RTP.

“The Champions League is a knock-out competition, I think anything can happen, and obviously much of our attentions is focused there and the possibility of going far in the event.”

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RTP also wanted to know if Jota would like to face his former club Porto in the quarter-finals. The 24-year-old doesn’t seem very keen on it.

“Honestly no. I think not. Because although Liverpool had a recent victorious victory, I think that when they had Porto ahead of them, they managed to overtake, I think it’d be a very complicated and very emotional game for me, and I’d rather have another team.”

However, when asked if he’d like to play them in a potential final, he says: “In the final, yes. I’d agree already.”

This is the second time Diogo Jota features in the Champions League. He had played for Porto in the 2016/17 season, when the Dragons were knocked out by Juventus in the round-of-16. Since then, he had only played European competition in the Europa League for Wolves.

Now back in the Champions League with Liverpool, he has four goals and one assist in seven appearances so far, and waits for the next draw.