For once, the Italian press are being reasonable when it comes to a transfer rumour, meaning they aren’t going all in and are using words like ‘possibility’ and ‘maybe’.

The story in question is one regarding the future of Carlo Ancelotti, and where he could end up next.

The two main clubs mentioned by Gazzetta dello Sport are Arsenal and Tottenham, two sides whose situations are very different and could end up losing their manager for completely opposite reasons.

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Kindly reminding us, the Italian newspaper quickly go over what’s going on with Arsène Wenger and Mauricio Pochettino, and half-heartedly link Ancelotti as a replacement.

They even say, ‘but it’s a maybe’.

The only way Tottenham would go for the former Chelsea manager is if Pochettino was lured away by Real Madrid, on the off chance Zinedine Zidane decides to try his hand in France with either Paris Saint-Germain or the national team.

There’s a lot of ifs in there, that’s all we’re saying.

So, if you see articles linking Spurs (or Arsenal) with Ancelotti coming out of Italy, just know that it isn’t all that concrete.