Other than being a Newcastle United legend, Philippe Albert is also a former Belgium international and a pundit for TV channels and newspapers alike.

A regular for Sudinfo, who have various local newspapers like La Province around the country, the former defender gave his two cents regarding the national team’s 3-1 win over Russia on Thursday night, dedicating an entire paragraph to Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

The forward scored two goals by sinking a penalty to put his team ahead and then seeing off the win with an easy finish from a few yards out.

For Albert, it’s time for Hazard to move, and he has a particular destination in mind.

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He said, following his performance: “Eden is on a cloud or walking on water, depending on how you want to look at it. He might not be the boss in the dressing room, but he is one on the pitch, which few teams have. I hope he understands that if he maintains this level, it’s time for him to go find himself a new challenge other than at Chelsea. At Real Madrid, if you see what I’m saying…”

Yes, Philippe, we do, and so does everybody else, mostly because you just said it.

Of course, this is simply a fan of the player wanting what’s best for his country’s star, but it isn’t what the Stamford Bridge faithful will want to hear: more encouragement for Hazard to leave.

After all, we all know what is likely to happen if Zinedine Zidane comes knocking…