Former Huddersfield defender Chris Löwe has admitted the ‘cohesion was not what it should have been’ at the club last season.

The Terriers were promoted to the Premier League in 2017 and astounded the critics by avoiding relegation with a 16th place finish that year.

However, the situation soon turned sour last season as they managed just three wins in 38 games, going through two managers and finishing 20th in the table with only 16 points to their name.

That saw them narrowly avoid being one of the worst teams in the history of the division, with just five points separating Huddersfield from Derby’s record low points haul of 11.

It was a sad affair for the club, who had impressed many with their performances the previous season.

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Löwe has since departed and finds himself at Dynamo Dresden, once again having to fight in a relegation battle.

And when asked by SportBuzzer if his experiences at Huddersfield can help him, he covered their relegation last year.

“The situation was completely different because at that time nobody expected anything from us,” he said.

“Of course, we tried our best in every game to stay in the league, but there has never been any trouble because everyone expected us to go down from the Premier League.

“Normally you have twelve of the 38 games in which you do not win against the top six. So you have a limited number of games in which you have to score your points.

“We did that in the first year – through an incredible cohesion since we could annoy one or two of the big ones.

“But in the second year we did not make it, but the cohesion was not what it should have been to have a chance. Then you have seen what happened.”