Manchester United’s current woes are being covered all over the world sport media.

Being one of the biggest clubs on the planet, what happens at Old Trafford is of interest to followers of football far beyond Manchester, and the current situation is even more so.

With Jose Mourinho being one of the most prominent managers for more than a decade, that combined with the club’s pull just multiplies everything further. The recent drama with Paul Pogba and the way Mourinho is approaching his troubles only serves to hype it.

It’s massive.

That’s why it’s no surprise the Veronica football show in the Netherlands spoke about it on Tuesday evening. Former Crystal Palace manager Frank de Boer was a guest and when the question came up of who should replace Mourinho, he simply said “Me”.

De Boer then smirked, and the audience laughed. It’s all being covered by the Dutch media who are pointing out that after his struggles with Inter Milan and Crystal Palace, he hasn’t got a chance of such a big job.

It’s a shame for the manager that such a suggestion is now a much covered joke, because after winning four Eredivisie titles in a run with Ajax such a job four years down the line wouldn’t have been considered absurd.