Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has told Talksport “he’s heard rumours on the street” the Premier League club are up for sale.

In recent days there have been claims in the English media the Eagles could be sold.

Speaking about the claims Crystal Palace could be sold, Jordan said Joshua Harris and David Blitzer could look to sell their shares in the club as they are no longer as committed to the club as they once were.

The Americans each hold a 18% stake after buying into the club in 2015.

Jordan was also quizzed about what it would cost for there to be a takeover at Crystal Palace: “It will be whatever somebody is prepared to pay. You could be looking at £200m.”

Any possible buyout at Crystal Palace could hinge on whether they can maintain their Premier League status, which looks on course at the moment under the safe guidance of Roy Hodgson.

Palace are currently 14th in the Premier League table, five points ahead of the relegation zone. With just eight games left this season it seems likely they will be in the top flight for the next campaign.