Robert Lewandowski changing agents last week has understandably caused a bit of a transfer stir.

After over a decade with Cezary Kucharski, the Bayern Munich star dumped his agent in favour of Pini Zahavi. That kind of move could suggest a big transfer is on the agenda, with Zahavi being known for negotiating some of the biggest transfers in modern football.

Zahavi has worked with Real Madrid in the past, and that’s being seen in Germany as the obvious potential destination.

Bild managed to get a few words from former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon, who made it clear he feels Lewandowski would only be a back-up choice to Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

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Calderon told the German newspaper: “Lewandowski is a player that Real is always in the picture with. I think Real’s goal is more Kane, also because of his age, but if it does not work out with him, I think Real is trying to get Lewandowski.”

The Madrid media have been more cautious about a possible Kane move, for a couple of reasons. There’s a feeling among some that signing a British player may not work out perfectly, with previous transfers not living up to lofty hopes, but more apparent is the belief that Tottenham would be incredibly difficult to deal with.

Daniel Levy has almost legendary status across the European transfer media, and getting Kane from Tottenham would quite possibly cost more than PSG paid for Neymar last summer.

Even then, Tottenham may not budge if €200m is waved around, especially given their stadium move. Given all of that, it would make sense to have a back-up plan, and Robert Lewandowski isn’t a bad one.