Alvaro Negredo will almost certainly leave Middlesbrough at the end of the season. The club aren’t expected to use their buying clause from Valencia, with Negredo failing to make the required impact.

Valencia will have a problem on their hands when Negredo arrives from Middlesbrough, because they don’t want him either. The Spanish club have added in the forward department and Negredo’s wages would add to Valencia’s FFP woes.

Therefore, he needs a new home.

Several reports in Spain over the past few days, including from Super Deporte, have pushed Espanyol forward as a possible destination, but that would create a financial problem. Barcelona’s other club simply wouldn’t take Negredo’s wages on, and unless he’d accept a huge drop, it’s a barrier to a deal.

Valencia’s big hope was always a Middlesbrough stay, or Negredo impressing enough to attract another English club. With the player on a contract until 2019, Valencia need to find a way to remove his wages, and at this point the transfer fee is dropping fast.