Liverpool midfielder Fabinho was invited by ESPN Brasil to take part in the Futebol no Mundo show today.

The only bit released on their website is him talking about the difficulties the Reds have been finding to keep in good form this season.

The Brazilian claims Liverpool used to have more ‘confidence’ during their title run last year, and the team now need more ‘fight’ to have a chance to win the second Premier League title in a row.

“In the league, unfortunately we lost some points that we didn’t lose last season,” Fabinho told ESPN Brasil’s Futebol no Mundo (via UOL).

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“It goes through a matter of trust. Last year, we had this confidence that we could win the games at any time, with collective action, individual play. This has not happened this year. We have to put a little more fight and work well to beat Manchester and keep the lead.”

Liverpool are playing Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday. Depending on the Red Devils’ result against Burnley tonight, that’s a crucial chance the Reds will have to be on top of the table again.

However, with still half of the league to go, Jurgen Klopp’s side have plenty of time to gain back their confidence, especially now that the injured players are slowly making their way back to the team.