Leeds United will find out by the end of this week whether they have to pay RB Leipzig compensation for striker Jean-Kevin Augustin.

That’s according to, who say FIFA are set to rule on the case this week after a year of delays on the decision.

They explain that, according to their information, football’s world governing body FIFA will ‘make a definitive decision’ on the Augustin case by the end of the week.

RB Leipzig and Leeds will then be informed about the decision by the beginning of next week, or the 7th-8th of June at the latest.

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The case is set to be ruled on by a single judge from the Players’ Status Commission, which is currently chaired by Raymond Hack.

Decisions are not made by the 23-member committed but by a single judge, with it varying from case to case.

Their decision is not final, though, and the losing party does have the option to take it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport should they wish.

RBlive say that is ‘very likely’ to happen and lead to the case, which has already been running for more than a year at this point, ‘will drag on for months’ as a result.

It seems that things are moving forwards finally, though, and Leeds will know sooner rather than later whether they need to pay the €21m they’ve been dodging since the end of last season.