Fernando Llorente is ‘on the market’ believe Marca, with the Spanish newspaper saying Tottenham won’t stand in the player’s way if he wishes to leave this summer.

The 33 year old striker has a year left of contract with Spurs and whilst he’s made 15 appearances in the Premier League so far this season, only one of those has been as a starter.

Marca believe he’s ‘free’ to leave Tottenham in the next window, and this has all spurred them to suggest a return to Athletic Club Bilbao.

On the face of it, there’s quite a lot of sense. Llorente played his best football for Athletic, the Basque club are very restricted on what players they can sign, and going home to see out the final year or so of his career seems fitting.

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But scratch a little below the surface and a Llorente return has more problems than Marca present. He left the club under a cloud so dark that even some Athletic fans thought his treatment was a bit harsh.

Deciding to leave on a free, Llorente was somewhat ostracised, and joined Juventus after a long period of strife.

Marca use quotes Llorente gave about an Athletic return just before his move to Tottenham: “It’s my home, wonderful things happened to me that will never be forgotten and Athletic will always be there, if they ever propose to come back, I’m sure I’ll think about it.”

Those quotes have been presented in some places as fresh, they’re not. 

Asking fans if it’d be a good idea, Marca have received a positive answer, with more than 60% (of almost 20,000) saying yes.