Gazzetta dello Sport report that AC Milan are still awaiting a reply to an official offer they’ve submitted for Gerard Deulofeu.

The offer was reportedly faxed to Everton, and sets out a deal which would see Deulofeu initially join AC Milan on loan, with the Italian club then having a right of redemption. Everton had previously made Milan aware that they weren’t interested in a dry loan, and therefore any offer would have to include a buying option.

Milan are being patient about receiving a reply, report Gazzetta, and have no intention at this stage to push an ultimatum forward to Everton. That could change if they’ve still not heard back from the Premier League club over the next few days.

The terms will be crucial to Everton, Milan having a right of redemption rather than a simple loan is beneficial to the Italian club, rather than Deulofeu’s current team.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 09.41.55There’s every possibility that if Ronald Koeman decides Everton don’t need the Spaniard that an obligation clause could be pushed forward in a counter-offer.

That would mean Milan would have to make the deal permanent, for a fixed fee, as long as Deulofeu hit targets set out in the contract.

Things aren’t at that stage yet, and as it stands Milan are simply continuing to wait.