Chelsea letting Diego Costa go on good terms have looked less likely since the end of the season, but the club’s goodwill in letting the player go may be crucial in the transfer.

It’s not a secret that Atletico Madrid are the strongest – and maybe the only – candidate to take the striker. The problem is they can’t make signings until January, so a whole plan must be created for the transfer to work.

As reported by Mundo Deportivo, there are two options. The first is to sign Costa now and let him train at the club until he’s available to play, but nobody is really up for that.

So Atlético would be counting on Chelsea’s goodwill, and would ask the Blues to line up a deal with them for January so he spends the next six months on a loan at some other club, sent by Chelsea.

Mundo Deportivo claim the relationship between Atletico and Chelsea is good, so the possibility is real.

The price doesn’t seem to be a problem for Atletico. They just need this little favour from Chelsea so the transfer can happen.