Valencia have been told to get real over goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili, as their current demands for Newcastle United are ‘far from reality’.

Marca cover the goalkeeper today and Newcastle’s developing transfer push for him, which has so far hit the buffers thanks to Valencia’s demands.

The newspaper explains that Valencia owner Peter Lim is convinced that he has to secure more than €40m for the goalkeeper, even though that is a figure which is ‘very far from reality’.

They believe that it is unlikely Valencia would get the €40m they’re asking for from any club, and Newcastle haven’t even gotten close to that figure yet. In fact, they are ‘very far’ from what Lim and his team have been asking for.

The Valencia owner believes that last year’s sale of Yunus Musah to AC Milan justifies his decision to push for a big price for Mamardashvili, but Marca argue otherwise.

They say there is a big difference between supply and demand at this moment in time and Newcastle are unlikely to ever hit the €40m Lim wants.

That’s because the goalkeeper market has taken a dip and clubs are no longer paying big sums for them, with Andre Onana’s move to Manchester United last year very much an outlier. He’s in a different market altogether and not worth those kind of sums anyway.

That is likely the opinion at Newcastle, where they’re unlikely to give Lim what he wants, and the Valencia owner would be wise to lower his demands and get closer to reality.