AC Milan fans, or at least a section of them, have had enough of Suso.

Having hyped him up way beyond his actual level for years, the Italian media and followers of the Rossoneri have now turned against him. Just as average performances were taken as great ones not so far back in time, now they’re seen as awful.

The hashtag #SusoOut is getting a lot of attention on Twitter, and it’s clear he’s one of the figures getting the blame for Milan’s latest period of woe.

So, links to West Ham come at a rather convenient time. Milan could do with the money a Premier League club may throw at them, and linked the Hammers.

Despite it being twisted into something else by others, the original claims simply suggested that West Ham and Wolves are the sort of clubs who could be interested in the Spaniard, as he may be able to help them climb the table.

In reality, this simply looks like the Italian sport media grasping at possible solutions for Milan and their player, rather than a genuine claim of interest.