Serge Gnabry has been quizzed by Germany’s SportBild this week on various aspects of his big rise over the past few months. Leaving Arsenal for Werder Bremen, Gnabry has proven to be something of a shrewd buy for the club.

Unable to fight his way into Arsene Wenger’s team plans often enough, Gnabry left Arsenal to return to Germany and is enjoying his time back home.

SportBild asked the young footballer if he’s missing English football, and specifically the atmosphere in the stadiums. Gnabry said no, and explained that what he hears at Werder Bremen’s Weser-Stadion surpasses anything at the Emirates or elsewhere in England.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 18.04.51“In England there is more pace, the football in Germany is tactically more challenging.

“And about the atmosphere: If I compare the Bundesliga and the Premier League, then the atmosphere in Germany is ahead. Something like the Ostkurve at Werder, in which the fans sing for 90 minutes – that does not exist in England.”


Football tickets are much more keenly priced in Germany, largely thanks to the ownership model of clubs. Perhaps the loudest Arsenal fans have been priced out of the Emirates, and aren’t able to get a season ticket to watch Arsene Wenger’s men.