Do Arsenal fans want Giroud to stay at the club beyond this summer?

This is a question being asked a lot in France, especially when the discussion is whether or not a move to Marseille would be what’s best for the France international.

The striker has made it clear that while he was flattered by the interest from the Ligue 1 side, he wants to stay in England, especially since Arsène Wenger renewed at the club for another two years.

While Marseille might have moved onto other targets, the press are still speculating whether a transfer could happen.

There is no denying the 31-year-old is able to find the back of the net regularly, but last season saw Wenger use Alexis Sanchez up top more often than not, and if the Chilean forward stays, there’s nothing stopping him from doing so once more, leaving Giroud on the bench.

Yet, according to Romain Molina, an English football specialist from France, speaking to Le Phocéen, Giroud is aware Arsenal fans appreciate him for what he is and don’t particularly want to see him leave, which could play a part in his decision to stay, even if that means sitting on the bench throughout the season.

He said: “Despite his goals for France and Arsenal, he won’t ever be considered a first choice for a club wanting to win the Premier League. That’s the view of the pundits here as well as the fans. 

“Despite this, he remains an appreciated player at Arsenal, and the fans don’t want to lose him. Yet, his performances with France don’t really mean anything to them.”

Furthermore, Romain Molina claims that selling Giroud this summer isn’t under consideration, especially since ‘Arsenal are negotiating Alexis Sanchez’s exit’.

Are they?

While there is an affection there from a chunk of the fanbase, would Arsenal fans be entirely against the Frenchman being sold if it meant clearing up space and wage for a better striker coming in?

We’re not so sure.