Earlier this week, a big wave of articles from the UK media appeared claiming that Swansea’s new (old?) striker Wilfried Bony had won his legal battle against his former agents.

The Ivory Coast international has claimed in the past that Gilbert Kacou and Dailbor Lacina pocketed ‘secret commissions’ from contract negotiations, which the pair strongly refute.

However, it seems the aforementioned articles were a bit premature, as Bony’s ex-representative told Koaci such claims were very far from the truth.

He said: “It’s false, incredibly false. There has yet to be a trial. No date has ben set. We were in the process of finding the right jurisdiction to sort this out. My lawyers and I wish to sort this out in front of the FA.

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“The Bony clan want a civil court. I can confirm there has been no trial Bony-Kacou. The information received from the Sun and the Mirror are a move by his lawyer. Call Bony to see if he’s won the trial. Bony hasn’t won any trial.”

Furthermore, it seems Mr Kacou is quietly confident about the outcome of the trial, when it does take place, stating ‘he who laughs last laughs the longest’.

The 28-year-old striker was the subject of a deadline day transfer from Manchester City back to his old club Swansea for a fee believed to be around £12m, allowing the Welsh side to bring back a player they sold for close to £30m two years ago at a reasonable price.