Everyone was caught by surprise today when David Ornstein reported West Ham United interest in Ruben Amorim.

Even though the Sporting coach was thought to be close to Liverpool, it was now said a move to the Reds actually looks ‘unlikely’, while he’s the Hammers’ ‘top target’ to replace David Moyes.

West Ham fans will be quickly learning about Amorim and how important he’s been for Sporting in the past few years.

Some word today from a former Sporting board member help to paint the scene, and those words are featured by O Jogo.

The newspaper takes quotes from Jaime Marta Soares, who today spoke to Radio Renascença about Amorim’s potential departure.

With the manager about to win another league title with the Lions, it’s claimed that the whole project could collapse with his move to the Premier League.

“We have good coaches, but I don’t see any who would be able to pick up where Ruben Amorim left off and continue the wave of success that is now overwhelming Sporting. I would do everything in my power to keep Ruben Amorim going.

“It’s a project that can be guaranteed success for many years, but with Reben Amorim. Without him it could fall apart at a moment’s notice.”

The Portuguese media is still to say something on Amorim’s potential move to West Ham United. It’s very likely they’ll start point out that the Hammers not fighting for top level trophies could impact their attractiveness to the manager.

It wasn’t even a done deal that he’d yes to Liverpool, with claims over the past week insinuating he could stay with Sporting for another year.